Saturday, January 10, 2009

What's new?

Vacations ended, but actually they never began! We took some days to rest a little and work on new designs that are already posted on some of the listings on the shop. Click on the Tags for example, or the Earring Cards and you will find them.
These are premade designs for customers who don't have a design and are on a budget and can't afford a custom design.


I take pride of how much love I put everyday to the shop, to the designs, to each and all of the sold products. I really apreciate the confidence and trust of my customers on my work!

This is approx. the time we put on the shop!

Thinking about the hours of time I spent working on this, makes me think. Makes me very happy to work for that people who value our work and don't doubt about paying for it. But makes me sad when I do all my effort and some greedy people just come here to steal ideas, or "get inspired by you" how they call it.
Because this is my work and I own all the rights on it, I will be serious about this and if I see any competitor, seller or even buyer copying anything on our shop either designs, listings, texts, policies, etc. I will report them.

Please, if you are our client or friend and you see something like this, let us know inmediately!


Almay Alday said...

You know how much I love your store! I'll be visiting again soon, since I need more cards with my new blog listed! Great that you're back blogging again!

love, pixel said...

hey dear, very nice to read you here! We love you too and you are welcome anytime, you are a delight to work with! Thanks for your comment :)
love, pixel